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Going Out At 40+

Today’s guest post is by Linda Lu, One-time Jimmy Choo collector into behavioral targeting, shopping, rewards/points, payments, and monetization. Lover of new technology, travel, stationery, ramen, scotch whiskey, and the occasional bourbon. Previously published in Atomica Magazine and PC Home Journal.

Going Out? You Know You’re Old When…

#1 Heels 


  • Back then: Always wear the hottest pair of hamstring-torturing heels for the night. This requires rockstar parking (max 1 block away). Failing that, valet the car because these heels weren’t made for walking.
  • Now: Pay the valet but ask to self park. This way, you can swap out the heels for flats after dinner. Either way the valet wins, but with self park your feet don’t hurt and you’re not crying.

#2 Outfit


  • Back then: Cutest possible outfit, no matter what. Jackets are a liability because it’s hot when you’re dancing in the club.
  • Now: Just looking at their outfits makes you shiver. They are in short skirts, barely-there whisper tees. You’re in a sweater and jacket, plus scarf.

#3 Girls’ Night


  • Back then: Girls having fun, drinking, talking about sex. Photo-bombed by super cute boys.
  • Now: Girls having fun, drinking, talking about sex. Photo-bombed by super cute kiddie at the next table. Made my night.

Thanks for contributing, Linda!

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Morning People vs. Night People

Morning People vs. Night People

This is my husband and me in a nutshell. Can anyone relate?

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